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What's ClicKing: Winter 2015

Grab a Hot Drink, Relax, and Rethink

It's February in Toronto, where we are on track to be the coldest February on record for the city. When it's -20°C plus wind chill, you're not taking a casual stroll outside. You're bundled up, walking briskly to where you need to get.

Sometimes we get the same way in our professional lives. We close ourselves off and focus on the task at hand, without giving much thought how we can do it different or better. Regardless of your industry or job title, we have articles and links to help you rethink how you go about getting things done. And as always, we've injected a little humour at the bottom.

Making Yourself Look Attractive on LinkedIn, Part 3

Facebook dislike One of the many powers of LinkedIn is your ability to seek out and make new connections. It may sound “unprofessional” to compare LinkedIn, to, say, a dating site, but in general terms, the end goal is the same. On both sites, you want to appear as attractive as possible so that people that you want to meet are able to find you and want to connect with you.

So how do you make yourself look as attractive as possible? More →

Pain Relief: "We Spent All this Money on Training and..."

pain relief Training is not cheap, and here are some tips to help you make sure you don't waste your time or your money.
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Apps & Tools: Simpleology

In a pervious version of "What's ClicKing," we looked at Asana, a simple yet powerful team-based project management tool. While Simpleology is not really a project management tool, it is similar in that it is a highly effective task management tool, and so much more.
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Three Steps to Giving an Engaging Presentation

Steps to an engaging presentation Whether you are a seasoned presenter or are scared to death over an upcoming presentation that you have to give but would rather not, here are three suggestions to avoid committing "death by PowerPoint" and keep your audience tuned in and engaged.More →

Client Profile: It's a Secret!

secret client One of our most recent clients is a secret. Find out why, and why they're not alone.More →

Articles of Note

The Lighter Side: Medieval Help Desk

medieval help desk
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