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What's ClicKing: Summer 2015

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Both fall and spring seem to be times of introspection. Even though the leaves are falling and we tend to get inexorably closer to “hibernating” for winter, there is a refreshing crispness in the air, and anyone with school-aged children cannot help but feel the sense of a new year, a new start. Similarly, with spring comes spring cleaning. Great, but what does any of this have to do with summer?

Starting in the late spring, ClicKnowledge went through its own form of spring cleaning, and the result, as of this summer, is a more narrow focus. Until recently, ClicKnowledge had been branding itself as a “writing and consulting company,” and we took on all sorts of content-based projects pertaining to either marketing or education. We have recently decided to focus more on the technical writing and instructional design elements of educational content.

As a result, we have made a minor update our web site to reflect this change. Stay tuned for a major change to the look of our web site in the next few weeks. As always, we invite you to check out the updated site and tell us what you think.

Making Yourself Look Attractive on LinkedIn, Part 4

Facebook dislike One of the many powers of LinkedIn is your ability to seek out and make new connections. It may sound “unprofessional” to compare LinkedIn, to, say, a dating site, but in general terms, the end goal is the same. On both sites, you want to appear as attractive as possible so that people that you want to meet are able to find you and want to connect with you.

So how do you make yourself look as attractive as possible? More →

Pain Relief: If You Want Something Done Right...

pain relief it yourself! But is that really always possible? How to break free of this self-limiting belief.
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Apps & Tools: Clean Master

Clean Master One of the best phone tools currently out there to keep your phone running smoothly.
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Everyone Loves a Happy Ending

Steps to an engaging presentation Everyone loves a good story, and if Hollywood is any barometer, then people equally love a happy ending. Although they may not be aware of it, many companies use Hollywood's formula to sell their products and services.
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Client Profile: Cardmania

secret client CardMania is a premium buy-and-sell service for gift card holders across Canada.
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Articles of Note

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